Violet Plate 31 1/2x40 9/16 12g. 50 Plates Per Carton.  ID: SU45.CN2000896A

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Provides the fastest roll-up on press for extremely short makeready and consistency.

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Product Details

The Saphira Violet Plate is a a positive working, offset aluminum plate, specially designed for the Prosetter line of CtP devices using Violet laser diodes. These plates have also been designed specifically to work with the new Heidelberg Pro 68 and Pro 85 violet plate processors. Saphira Violet Plate incorporates the latest anodizing and graining technology that delivers exceptional imaging sharpness and hard dots necessary for high resolution imaging from the Prosetter.

Features and benefits of the Heidelberg Pro processors. Heidelberg Pro 68 and Pro 85 are two Violet Plate processors that have been developed and certified specifically for Saphira Violet Plate material. They incorporate a leading-edge product design to offer a space saving ''small footprint” solution. These Violet Plate processors are available in two formats in widths of 68 cm (26.8'') and 85 cm (33.5''). For presses up to 40'', the Heidelberg Pro 85 is used and for smaller presses with widths up to 26.8'', the Pro 68 is the ideal selection. The Heidelberg Pro 68 and Pro 85 processors are compact and efficient with more than enough capacity to support the most challenging medium sized clients.

Technical Specifications:
  • Plate Type: Silver positive working plates
  • Substrate: High quality grained and anodized aluminum
  • Spectral Sensitivity: 1.7μJ/cm2 at 405 nm - (Visible Violet)
  • Lighting Conditions: Bright Yellow Light
  • Resolution: AM, 200 lpi (1-99%), FM, 23 microns*, Hybrid, 300 lpi/24 microns*, *resolution dependent
  • Maximum Run Length: Up to 350,000+ impressions*, *depending on press conditions
  • Press Conditions: No special inks or fountain solutions required
  • Storage Conditions: Ambient temperatures below 122°F (50°C), 122°F (50°C) not to be exceeded for more than 24 hours
Violet Plate 31 1/2x40 9/16 12g. 50 Plates Per Carton. is available for purchase in increments of 1