Saphira Water Conditioner (1X25KG)  ID: SU45.CNF120023

1 Piece

Rehardener for water that optimizes the water quality for printing.
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$125.67 / Piece

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1 Piece | $125.67 / Piece

Product Details

Rehardener for reverse osmosis water that optimizes the water quality for printing

• Stabilises and assures a constant water quality

• Saturates the water to avoid adverse affect on ink drying

• The rehardening components used will leave no deposits on rollers or blankets

• Colour: yellow

• A balanced mix of minerals and protective additives

• Compatible with all Saphira Fount products


• Recommended in case of very soft tap water (< 5 °dH), to avoid ink drying problems

For getting the best performance you should use this product in combination with other Saphira consumables.

Saphira Water Conditioner (1X25KG) is available for purchase in increments of 1