Saphira Roller Protection Liquid. One 1L Bottle.  ID: SU45.CNF220090

1 Piece

Protective lubricant for all types of rubber rollers running idle.
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Product Details

Protective lubricant for NBR, Combi, EPDM and PU rubber rollers running idle

• Effective at low dosage

• Protects the roller from overheating and cracking when not in use

• Suitable for conventional, UV or hybrid applications

• Approved for production of food packaging

• Color: red

• Rinses off easily

• Does not affect ink transfer properties of the rubber surface


• Spray directly onto the rollers

• Apply again when needed, usually every 2-4 hours

• No need for washing off in case of heavy ink coverage, alternatively clean with the daily Saphira Wash cleaner

Saphira Roller Protection Liquid. One 1L Bottle. is available for purchase in increments of 1