Saphira Roller Protection Liquid (1x 1 L  ID: SU45.CNF220090

1 Piece

Protective lubricant for all types of rubber rollers running idle.
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$13.45 / Piece

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1 Piece | $13.45 / Piece

Product Details

Protective lubricant for NBR, Combi, EPDM and PU rubber rollers running idle

• Effective at low dosage

• Protects the roller from overheating and cracking when not in use

• Suitable for conventional, UV or hybrid applications

• Approved for production of food packaging

• Color: red

• Rinses off easily

• Does not affect ink transfer properties of the rubber surface


• Spray directly onto the rollers

• Apply again when needed, usually every 2-4 hours

• No need for washing off in case of heavy ink coverage, alternatively clean with the daily Saphira Wash cleaner

Saphira Roller Protection Liquid (1x 1 L is available for purchase in increments of 1