Saphira Power Cleaner 300. One 1L Bottle.  ID: SU45.CNF220096

1 Piece

Ecological cleaning gel for dissolving dried UV ink and coating emulsions on Anilox cylinders
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Product Details

The Saphira Power Cleaner 300 is a highly efficient cleaner for the removal of dried ink and coating residues. It separates itself from all other know special cleaners because of its physical approach to cleaning.

The cleaner should only be used to clean Anicolor Anilox rollers, Anilox rollers of coating units, screened ink fountain rollers, oscillators and the dancing rollers in the FoilStar Units.

To obtain optimal cleaning results we recommend the use the Cleaner in combination with the Saphira Cleaning Sponge 300.

The cleaner is not suitable for use on rubber or plastic surfaces!


1. Use the Saphira Cleaning Sponge 300 to cover the complete to be cleaned surface with the undiluted Saphira ink Power Cleaner 300.

2. Allow the Cleaner to penetrate the dirt for 1-5 minutes

3. Subsequently wipe the to be cleaned surface once more with the cleaning sponge

4. Finally the surface needs to be cleaned thoroughly with water.

Saphira Power Cleaner 300. One 1L Bottle. is available for purchase in increments of 1