Specialty Coating Cleaner 590 5lt  ID: SU45.CNF220072

1 Piece

Ecological cleaning gel for dissolving dried ink and coating emulsions on Anilox cylinders.

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Product Details

Ecological wash-up and rinsing solution for water-based and UV-cured coatings

• Suitable for cleaning all types of coating units, coating plates and blankets on a daily basis

• Very efficient on photopolymer and/or rubber coating blankets, even with dried on residues

• Effectively cleans and rinses the coating system after use

• Approved for production of food packaging

• Colour: colourless

• Non-corrosive to metals


• Use pure for manual cleaning

• Dilute 1/3 to water when used as rinsing fluid on coating units

• Regular daily use will prevent dried emulsion, ensuring a constant transfer

• Also suitable for cleaning UV curing coatings and systems while coating is still wet

Specialty Coating Cleaner 590 5lt is available for purchase in increments of 1