Presswash 3206A UV 55G  ID: SU45.PW3206A155

1 Drum

Fogra approved - Built-in rust prevention - Long-term savings
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Product Details

Saphira Presswashes are Fogra approved washes for use in automatic blanket and roller washing systems for all Heidelberg presses. Saphira Presswashes have corrosion inhibitors added to prevent rust and reduce maintenance costs. This prevents potentially costly damage to the automated wash-up system’s pumps and plumbing. Saphira Presswash has specially formulated surfactants that remove ink from the rollers faster. Long-term savings can be achieved because less solution is required to clean the rollers and blankets.

Technical Specifications:
  • Contains no aromatic or aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Flash Point: 165°F
  • VOC Data: 6.6 lbs/g (791 g/L)
  • Composite Vapor Pressure (mmHG): under 1
Presswash 3206A UV 55G is available for purchase in increments of 1