Lightweight Disc. 20 Discs per Box.  ID: SU45.CN2001438

1 Piece

Less waste and faster press speeds - Reduced feeder issues - Easy feeding of problematic lightweight stock

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Product Details

Saphira Lightweight Suction Discs are designed by Heidelberg and can be used on all Heidelberg SM, CD and XL presses. The advantage of the Saphira Lightweight Suction Discs is that a press can run at higher speeds and have less feeder problems with lightweight stocks. Double sheets, misaligned sheets and early or late sheets, which are common problems with lightweight stocks, are significantly reduced. The Saphira Lightweight Suction Disc increases the contact area of the pickup and forwarding suckers, resulting in sheets being properly advanced into the infeed grippers.

Lightweight Disc. 20 Discs per Box. is available for purchase in increments of 1