Ink Duct Cheek Foil XL105/106. 100 Pairs Per Box.  ID: SU45.CNH110023

1 Box

Saphira Ink Foil Cheek are designed to help customers save time during ink changes with minimal cost. Fits Heidelberg XL105/ 106 (100 Pairs per Box)
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Product Details

Saphira Ink Foil Cheeks are a specially adapted adhesive film for ink duct cheeks to prevent direct contact with the ink. Suitable for UV and Conventional inks, they help to significantly reduce cleaning effort. After taking the ink out of the duct, the Saphira Ink Duct Cheek Foil only needs to be pulled off the ink cheeks and can be disposed of together with the ink foils. Long cleaning times using aggressive cleaning solutions are no longer necessary. The foils leave no adhesive residue on the ink cheeks. They come in packs with 100 pairs.

Ink Duct Cheek Foil XL105/106. 100 Pairs Per Box. is available for purchase in increments of 1