PN 101 Plate 0670x0560x30. 50 Plates Per Carton.  ID: SU45.PN0670056030C

1 Carton

Positive working offset aluminum plate - Perfect for high quality, high resolution prints - Supports FM and Hybrid screening
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Product Details

The Saphira Thermoplate PN 101 fits the needs of Suprasetter users whose customers demand the highest resolution work. This positive working offset aluminum plate is specially designed for the Suprasetter line of CtP devices that need a plate which supports FM and Hybrid screening day in and out. This plate delivers exceptional image sharpness and fidelity for 10 micron FM and up to 400 lpi, 20 micron Hybrid screening.

The right plate for those who need to produce high quality, high resolution plates. It supports a wide range of sheetfed commercial printing applications, providing fast roll up with excellent ink and water balance. The final result is productivity and high quality printing with tremendous savings not only in prepress, but also in the pressroom. With no pre-heat required and no baking for press runs up to 300,000+ impressions, the Suprasetter using the Saphira Thermoplate PN 101 plate is the perfect plate companion.

Technical Specifications:

•Plate Type: Positive thermal working plates

•Substrate: High quality ''level” grained and anodized aluminum

•Spectral Sensitivity: 110 mj/cm2 at 830 nm

•Lighting Conditions: Daylight

•Resolution: AM, 200 lpi (1-99%), FM, 10 microns* (Certified on Heidelberg Suprasetters), Hybrid, 400 lpi/20 microns*

•Maximum Run Length: Up to 300,000+ impressions unbaked*, Up to 500,000+ impressions baked*

•Press Conditions: No special inks or fountain solutions required, UV ink compatible

•Storage Conditions: Ambient temperatures 41-86°F (5-30°C), 30-70% RH

*Depending Upon Press Conditions.

PN 101 Plate 0670x0560x30. 50 Plates Per Carton. is available for purchase in increments of 1