Powder Anti Setoff 230 Uncoated 15x2lbs  ID: SU45.CN2001459

1 Box

Smooth finish on paper stock, tab stock and/or low-racking - Most popular all-purpose powder on medium format presses

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Product Details

Saphira Anti-setoff powder granules function like ball bearings between freshly printed substrates, which temporarily provide a cushion between the wet ink film and the back of the following sheet. To achieve precise sheet coverage, Saphira Anti Setoff Powders are uniform in particle size and can be applied with any type of sprayer equipment. They have a special treatment to prevent them from sticking to wet ink and varnishes. This results in printed sheets that are smoother to the touch. Benefits Designed to minimize spray powder floating in the pressroom, Saphira Anti Setoff Powder lessens build-up on rafters, equipment, etc. A positive static charge results in strong attraction to paper and poly films for precise coverage of the printed sheet Saphira Anti Setoff Powders are manufactured from food ingredients to ensure they are non-toxic and not harmful in the food packaging industry for dependable pressroom performance, Saphira Anti Setoff Powders are free flowing under all humidity conditions.

Powder Anti Setoff 230 Uncoated 15x2lbs is available for purchase in increments of 1