Suction tape 25x M2.015.880  ID: M2.015.880F/

1 Piece

25 pieces of M2.015.880 /This part is suitable for the following machines: CD 102 / CX 102, SM 102 / SX 102, XL 105 / XL 106, XL 145 / XL 162
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Product Details

Technical Description: 20mm wide, (flat) green color underside: special synthetic suction tape. This suction tape is the standard tape for straight printing and has a high braking capability due to its width. This suction tape is made from hard rubber composite and is suitable for most printing materials. (*A/ **B/ ***NO)

NOTE: Cannot be used for Speedmaster SM 52

Suction tape 25x M2.015.880 is available for purchase in increments of 1