Essentials Roller Care Roller Conditioner. Four 2lb Tubs.  ID: SU45.ERCROLCOND

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Conditions rollers without harsh deglazing solvents - Removes contaminants for improved ink receptivity
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1 Box | $133.13 / Box

Product Details

Essentials Roller Conditioner is a non-VOC deep-cleaning and conditioning roller cleaner containing no volatile solvents or abrasives of any kind. It conditions rollers without the use of harsh deglazing solvents to prolong roller life. Over time, with regular roller wash-ups, ink rollers will accumulate ink resins, pigments, paper coating, calcium, surfactants and other contaminants that cause poor ink transfer. The deep cleaning action of the Essentials Roller Conditioner removes these contaminants to allow for improved long term ink receptivity. Recommended for use on nitrile and composite rollers

Technical Specifications:
•Flash Point 200°F
•VOC: 0
•Health: 1
•Fire: 0
•Reactivity: 0
•Personal Protection B
Essentials Roller Care Roller Conditioner. Four 2lb Tubs. is available for purchase in increments of 1