Essentials Presswash 95. One 55gal Barrel.  ID: SU45.EPRWASH9555GL

1 Drum

Fast Drying - Quickly removes ink and varnish - Perfect for Heidelberg presses from 1995 or earlier other presses where Fogra wash is not required


$696.53 / Drum

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1 Drum | $696.53 / Drum

Product Details

Essentials 95 press wash is highly effective and will quickly remove ink and varnish. Because it is water miscible, Essentials 95 will also remove gum, glaze, paper, lint and other water soluble compounds. It is an excellent choice for automatic blanket wash systems.

How to use:
• Apply Essentials 95 straight or diluted with water up to 30% across the top of the roller train.
• Allow the product to run down the roller train for a few minutes and engage the wash up blade.
Reapply as necessary until the fluid runs clear into the wash up tray.

A few more details:
•Water miscible up to 30%
•Flashpoint: 108°F
•Excellent cleaning power
•Very pleasant scent
•Very mild on rollers
Essentials Presswash 95. One 55gal Barrel. is available for purchase in increments of 1