Essentials Aqueous Coating Matte. One 475lb Drum.  ID: SU45.EAQMAT45475

1 Drum

Excellent transparency - Smooth and medium slip finish - Exceptional press stability for work & turn jobs
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$568.87 / Drum

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1 Drum | $568.87 / Drum

Product Details

Essentials Aqueous Matte Coating is an economical medium fast drying matte coating with excellent press stability for work and turn jobs. It is perfectly adapted for printing on modern printing presses with very good runability and has a homogeneous matt surface. This coating shows excellent transparency, exhibits good rub and scratch resistance combined with a smooth and medium slip finish.


- Recommended application weight 2-4 g/m² (wet-on-wet)
- Formulated for board and paper
- Formulated for single and double side applications
- Formulated for conventional coating units (Anilox and 2 Roller systems)
Essentials Aqueous Coating Matte. One 475lb Drum. is available for purchase in increments of 1