Hickey remover  ID: A1.203.006 /03

1 Piece

1 piece. This part is suitable for the following machines: QM 46
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Product Details

QM 46 Wash up blade starting serial number 955001 and QM DI 46 4 units Wash up blade starting serial number 990001 A4 Efficient hickey removers are a prerequisite for high quality print products and short cleaning times. Hickey removers are located on top of the ink fountain dividers, in the delivery or in the blanket wash up device. They are responsible for ensuring that no excess ink gets into the printing system. All Heidelberg hickey removers are specially developed by us and manufactured in close cooperation with our suppliers. They are made from high-grade materials such as corrosion- resistant steels or chemically resistant rubber materials, giving them excellent protection against external influences from inks and liquids. This ensures minimal wear and a long service life in our presses.

Hickey remover is available for purchase in increments of 1