Saphira Ink Duct Foam Strip 156  ID: 91.008.044 /04

1 Piece

1 piece. This part is suitable for the following machines: CD 102, CX 102, CD 74, XL 75, PM 74, SM 102, SX 102, SM 74, SX 74, XL 105
US 91.008.044-04_saphira_inc_duct_foam_strip.jpg
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Product Details

Insulating tapes are applied between the ink fountain dividers and a strip attached to the actual ink fountain. All Original Heidelberg insulating tapes are specifically geared to the requirements of the relevant press model. They are made from wear-resistant plastics and are easy to handle and replace, thereby ensuring excellent print quality on a long-term basis.

Saphira Ink Duct Foam Strip 156 is available for purchase in increments of 1