Rubber sucker disc 32 X 13 X 0,8  ID: 66.028.406 /


1 piece 32 x 13 x 0.8 mm. This part is suitable for the following machines: CD 102, CX 102, CD 74, XL 75, Dymatrix, PM 74, Primefire 106, SM 102, SX 102, SM 74, SX 74, XL 105, XL 106, XL 145/162
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Product Details

Original Heidelberg suckers are particularly resistant to wear. They are made from specific plastics with specially selected material properties.Continuous development work on these
plastics is being carried out by our partners and suppliers in the plastics industry and they are adapted based on the latest research findings. Original Heidelberg suckers have exactly
what it takes to meet the demands we place on our presses. Only they are made from the precise combination of materials required to reliably achieve the necessary suction force and the correct sheet suction action. Rely on our experience and Heidelberg quality confirmed by load and fatigue tests.
Rubber sucker disc 32 X 13 X 0,8 is available for purchase in increments of 1