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Your machines performance is brought by all its parts. Choosing Heidelberg quality for your parts ensures optimal calibration enabling the maximum performance of your printing press. Our original parts are perfectly adjusted for your Heidelberg press and match our highest standards for quality, stability and performance.

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30% off Ink Zone Motors (Geared Motors)

Better ink zone adjustments mean better print quality and less waste. Choose original Heidelberg ink zone motors for better performance and quality.

Our original Ink Zone Motors have high durability due to precise mechanical construction and lubricated mechanical construction. Their calibrated electric engine leads to less machine downtime because of better ink zone adjustments.


  • Highest accuracy of the ink zones because of precise mechanical construction.
  • Well lubricated mechanical parts ensure high durability and smooth performance.
  • Less waste because of better ink zone adjustments.
  • Better print quality due to reliable functionality.

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30% off Suction Tapes

For optimal braking performance and printed sheets delivered safely and reliably. We offer a wide range of suction tapes, with different stabilization profiles depending on your needs.

Whatever width or dimensions required, whether rough or smooth surfaces, we have the right suction tape for every job.

Original Heidelberg suction tapes are manufactured with an eye for detail – which makes them resistant to wear and suited for fragile materials. Minimal marking and the highest precision while printing even at full press speed: that’s the promise of original Heidelberg suction tapes.


  • Precision sheet travel characteristics ensure production stability.
  • Minimal marking due to high sheet holding force.
  • High wear resistance from innovative special synthetic materials.
  • Increased net performance for lighter and heavier stock.

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