AGFA N94V WEB 30x633x602 PKT50  ID: SUT1.N94VOWZYY


Simple processing and robustness, combined with fast, accurate and wide-latitude plate exposure: N94-V does it all. This plate is processed in the standard way: pre-heat (image amplification) is followed by overcoat wash-off. Subsequently, the image is developed and the plate is washed and gummed.
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Product Details

Key Benefits :

*Compatible with high-speed violet newspaper engines

*Improved image quality and working latitude (pre-heat and on-press)

*Run length of over 300,000

*Most robust photopolymer plate on the market

*Suitable for use with metallic and UV inks

AGFA N94V WEB 30x633x602 PKT50 is available for purchase in increments of 1