AGFA LAP V Ultra 30X838X576 50PAK  ID: SUT1.LVO7YV3


Positive-working, high speed, laser exposed violet silver plate.
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Product Details


Precision Imaging:

Lithostar plates image the finest details, providing high-quality output easily encompassing 180 up to 240 lpi Sublima screen frequencies, while the wide exposure latitude maintains high-quality imaging throughout a wider range of prepress conditions.

Reliable, predictable performance:

Agfa's advanced silver-halide manufacturing techniques ensure that you get an extremely consistent digital plate. Lithostar Ultra is optimized to behave consistently during exposure, process, and on-press to give you exceptional performance, plate after plate.

Easy Handling

The robustness of Lithostar makes it easier to work with than other plates. It resists scratching for fewer remakes and exhibits outstanding on-press performance, even under stressful conditions.

Increased Productivity

Lithostar's capacity for long run lengths gives you more impressions at a faster rate. Combined with a high-speed imaging system, Lithostar helps to boost productivity.

AGFA LAP V Ultra 30X838X576 50PAK is available for purchase in increments of 1