SAPHIRA 80C 1052x0832x1.95 ST  ID: SUT1.D7119PB


Heidelberg 80C Blankets for Excellent printing results : Heidelberg Saphira 80C Blanket has been carefully selected and developed as a general purpose standard 4 ply single layer compressible blanket suitable for Hiedelberg presses where everyday duarbility and versatility are the key requirements. Key beneifts are; Precise pressure and image transfer, Medium ground surface, Durable, Versatile design suits many applications, Excellent smash recovery. This size is suitable for SM/CD102 machines (with bar)
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Product Details

Printing blankets play a critical role in the quality of a printed job: their ability to transfer image from printing plates to print substrates, combined with their interaction with inks, fount solutions, etc., ahs a major impact on the final printed result. To help ensure the highest quality of the finished product, Heidelberg now offers a high quality general purpose sheet-fed blanket Heidelberg Saphira 80C Blanket

SAPHIRA 80C 1052x0832x1.95 ST is available for purchase in increments of 1