Saphira 121 1048X800X1.95 ST CD102 SP  ID: SUT1.D12222PB


121 blanket, 4ply std compressible. This size is suitable for CD/SM102 machinesFeatures:• Enhanced compressible layer• Ground and buffed surface• High density carcass• Compatible rubber surface
PH 121.png

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Product Details


• Compensates for press wear and imperfections.

• Provides optimal nip pressure that provides excellent print contrast and solid ink densities

• Uniform gauge thickness and consistency. Ideal surface texture for optimum ink transfer

• Excellent release characteristics for precise control.

• Greater gauge stability, providing longer life.

• Excellent smash resistance, rebounds quickly.

Saphira 121 1048X800X1.95 ST CD102 SP is available for purchase in increments of 1