SAPHIRA FOUNT FS13-200 200L  ID: SUT1.1622607


Heidelberg® Saphira Fount Solution FS13-200 has been formulated as premium quality fount solutions for high quality sheetfed offset printing.


₱20,931.86 / DRM

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1 DRM | ₱20,931.86 / DRM

Product Details

Recommended as a modern premium universal fount solution suitable for high quality sheetfed applications. Suitable for all integrated dampening systems. Compatible with a wide variety of sheetfed offset inks and substrates, versatile formulation supports alcohol reduction and reduces calcium contamination problems. Allows quick clean press start up, uniform minimum dampening water film. All Heidelberg Saphira Fount Solutions are robustly formulated for a variety of press conditions, low dosage, pH buffered, anti bacterial, anti foaming, corrosion free.