Saphira AF Plus Fount 10L  ID: SUT1.1614219


Heidelberg® Saphira AF Plus Fount has been developed for reduced IPA and IPA free printing for modern sheet-fed offset printing presses. The Saphira AF Plus fount additive is suitable for both conventional and UV applications.
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Product Details

A modern premium fount additive suitable for IPA reduced and IPA free printing for all newer presses with Alcolor type integrated dampening systems. Successful IPA reduction will vary based on several factors such as pressroom environment, press condition, water quality, suitability of dampening roller rubber compounds and geometry and the quality of related press consumables. All Heidelberg Saphira fount additives are formulated with a variety of stringent parameters such as low dosage, pH buffered, anti bacterial, anti foaming, corrosion inhibited and will ensure a quick and clean press start up.