Saphira tkanina myjąca SM/CD102 24rolki  ID: SA.205.090F/01


This standard cloth has been thoroughly tested and approved by the Heidelberg® development department. It is used in the Heidelberg demonstration centers and in our manufacturing plants. This cloth is also supplied with every press. *Available for purchase 24 rolls per box. *Standard length per roll is 12,000mm.REMINDER : This is a PROMO PRODUCT; Buy any 3 of the same item, you'll GET 1 FREE!!!
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₱39,200.00 / PCE

TAX: 0%

1 PCE | ₱39,200.00 / PCE

Product Details

Saphira Wash-up Cloths are the only cloths to be tested and approved by Heidelberg. Saphira Wash-up Cloths are supplied with our printing presses and runon a daily basis on thousands of machines worldwide. The various specifications have been developed to meet a wide range of requirements.

Benefits :

• Protect the surface structure of blankets and impressioncylinder

• High fabric consistency

• Ideal for frequent washing when working withshorter runs

• Ideal for short wash-up cycles

• Manufactured to exact specifications

• Tested and approved by Heidelberg

• Roll diameter and width with uniform dimensions

• Limited swelling combined with good absorbency