AGFA N95VCF 30 WEB 898X554 MM PKT50  ID: SUT1.N95O98JX


N95-VCF provides the solid foundation for consistent press performance. Advanced electrochemical graining and anodizing yield the reliability and robustness needed on a newspaper press and the durability required to produce long press runs.


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Product Details

N95-VCF chemistry-free printing plates form a very attractive solution

combined with the high-volume plate production system Advantage N and

the high-speed clean-out unit Attiro VHS. The latter features a groundbreaking cascade technology, which brings a wealth of productivity and sustainability:

• Minimal gum consumption for maximal clean-out effect

• Extended bath life, lower maintenance

• Clear image on the gummed plate – no confusion on the press

AGFA N95VCF 30 WEB 898X554 MM PKT50 is available for purchase in increments of 1