Saphira Ink Duct Foil LR 100 52  ID: G2.008.168F/01


Saphira Ink Duct Foil Long Run 100 is a very high-quality ink duct foil for a long service life. Specifically suited for UV and LE UV Inks. This is suitable for SM, SX52, and GTO52. Available for purchase 100 foils per box. Foil size in mm is 196.5 x 547.
G2.008.168F-01_ink duct foil.png


₱5,354.00 / PCE

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1 PCE | ₱5,354.00 / PCE

Product Details

The main feature of the low-wear Saphira Ink Duct Foil LR (Long Run) is its excellent durability. This ink duct foil is suitable for a wide range of inks, ensuring reliable processing of conventional, abrasive, UV, and hybrid inks,opaque white, and coatings on smooth and screened ink fountain rollers.

Saphira Ink Duct Foil LR 100 52 is available for purchase in increments of 1