Saphira Ink Duct Foil LR 100 102-106  ID: F2.008.154F/01


Saphira Ink Duct Foil Long Run 100 is a very high-quality ink duct foil for a long service life. Specifically suited for UV and LE UV Inks. This is suitable for SM/ SX/ CD/ CX102, XL105/ 106. Available for purchase 100 foils per box. Foil size in mm is 228.5 x 1,067. REMINDER : This is a PROMO PRODUCT; Buy any 3 of the same item, you'll GET 1 FREE!!!
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₱10,538.00 / PCE

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1 PCE | ₱10,538.00 / PCE

Product Details

The main feature of the low-wear Saphira Ink Duct Foil LR (Long Run) is its excellent durability. This ink duct foil is suitable for a wide range of inks,ensuring reliable processing of conventional, abrasive, UV, and hybrid inks, opaque white, and coatings on smooth and screened ink fountain rollers.