Agfa RC795 (1X10L) KOR 10 LITER  ID: SUT1.EEK6SGC

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Agfa RC795 (1X10L) KOR 10 LITER


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HRA Photographic film consists of a polyethylene terephthalate base (80 weight percent), coated with one or more photographic emulsion layers that are mainly composed of gelatin (1-10 weight percent) and small amounts of light sensitive silver halide crystals (1-10 weight percent). In order to provide the desired physical and sensitometric properties, relatively small amounts of other components, such as e.g. dyes, matting particles, fillers, wetting agents, etc. can be added.
Agfa RC795 (1X10L) KOR 10 LITER is available for purchase in increments of 1