Saphira 40E 772x627x1.95 ST SM/PM 74 PCU  ID: SUT1.D13012


Saphira 40E 0772X0627X1.95MM W ST BAR
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Product Details

The Heidelberg Saphira 40E Blanket has been selected as an economical general purpose 3ply blanket, suitable for presses producing standard quality commercial work, and where durability and value are the primary requirements. Heidelberg Saphira 40E. Developed using a medium ground surface finish to give excellent ink transfer essential
for smooth solid ink lay-down without compromising dot reproduction. Microcellular closed cell compressible layer
technology is designed to give fast rebound and even print pressure helping to maximize smash resistance and general
service life. Fabric carcass is highly resistant to penetration of the typical pressroom liquids.
Saphira 40E 772x627x1.95 ST SM/PM 74 PCU is available for purchase in increments of 1