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SAPHIRA SB BLANKET 80X 772ACX700ARX1.96  ID: SUB1.C000.00001654


80X 赛飞扬带钢条橡皮布 772ACX700ARX1.96


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Product Details

• 精密研磨表面处理,4层低拉伸性织物层
• 极佳之剥离纸张性能
• 网点再现极佳
• 油墨转移稳定
• 回弹力及印刷效果优良
• 耐用及印刷效果稳定
• CD74/XL75 上墨系统适用

• Ground and Buffed surface with 4 layers low stretch
Fabric Plies
• Excellent paper release characteristics
• Excellent dot shape reproduction
• Consistent ink transfer
• Enhance compressibility and print performance
• High durability & stable quality
• For CD74/XL75 Inking Unit
SAPHIRA SB BLANKET 80X 772ACX700ARX1.96 is available for purchase in increments of 1