Saphira Pantone SM - Oxi Dry 388  ID: SU22.PMS HD 388


Saphira Hard drying, non duct fresh, Pantone spot colour, formulated to be suitable for coating and lamination
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Product Details

Saphira Oxi Dry combines very fast absorption with rapid oxidative drying this means the inks are ideal for applications on the most demanding substrates; even on matt coated papers good rub resistance is achieved. Saphira Oxi Dry inks are low tack which ensures problem free printing on low pick substrates such as recycled papers. The fast setting speed means the completed stack can be turned over quickly after the print run and printed on the reverse. All further processing can also be carried out quickly giving high productivity. The inks have high colour intensity and produce clear, sharp prints on all substrates. Due to the fast absorption and rapid oxidative drying of Saphira Oxi Dry it is not seen as a duct fresh ink series.