Suction tape 5x M2.015.878  ID: M2.015.847F/


Speedmaster SM 52, Speedmaster SM 74, Speedmaster SM 102, Speedmaster CD 102, Speedmaster XL 105, Speedmaster XL 145, Speedmaster XL 162
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Product Details

Width 20mm
Raised Rib Width N/A
Color Yellow
Surface Concave
Underside Surface Elastic Fiber
Brake Style Conventional
Hardness B
Braking Efficiency B-
Perfecting N/A
This suction tape with negative crown and without a rib has a high holding load. This makes it suitable for heavy and smooth substrates. It can also be used with thin substrates with a tendency to deform. Suitable for label. Very durable due to hardness.
Suction tape 5x M2.015.878 is available for purchase in increments of 1