Saphira GTT Anilox rollers

Optimal coating results thanks to a revolutionary engraving method.

Saphira GTT Anilox rollers benefit from a completely new kind of engraving. With the new GTT engraving method the coating is guided through a wave structure this significantly reduces micro-foam resulting in an extremely homogenous, consistent and smoother layer of coating over the full width of the printed sheet. This results in higher gloss levels with gloss coatings and a visible improvement in smoothness of matt and satin coatings.


A new and patented technology

Saphira GTT Anilox rollers are engraved using a constant laser as opposed to traditional rollers which are produced using a pulsing laser. This results in a smoother surface to the roller which in turn means more efficient release of the coating from the roller to the sheet.


A complete coating solution

Saphira GTT Anilox rollers can be used in all coating units and for water based and UV curing technologies. Optimum results can be obtained when used with the Saphira range of coatings. Saphira Coating Cleaner 590 and Saphira Anilox Gel are also recommended in order to clean and maintain the roller.


To inquire or order, please contact your Heidelberg Consumables Sales Representative or call at 0844 892 2010. You may also fill in the contact form and please indicate the model and serial number of your press equipment.