Cleaner Saphira Antistatic  ID: FH.1164784/00


For screens, plastic foil keyboards, plastic surfaces, plexiglas, etc.


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Product Details

Saphira Cleaner Antistatic is a highly effective cleaner which removes dirt and dust, finger prints, smudges, grease and which keeps surfaces static free as well. Thanks to its antistatic effect helps to reduce the new pollution.

Due to the composition of this product it can be used as an universal cleaner for almost all surfaces like glass surfaces, such as plexiglas, graphic films, PVC, monitors, touch screens, plasma and LCD screens and other plastics. Saphira Cleaner Antistatic is in the graphic arts industry thus for the cleaning of the monitors, light tables and suitable scanner rollers. The cleaned objects are the antistatic equipped treatment. Pollution and impurities of all kinds, such as adhesive residues, Inkjet labels, dust, nicotine etc. are easily removed. Saphira Cleaner Antistatic cleans grease-free and leaves no banding. The treated material is also in longer exposure not attacked.

Cleaner Saphira Antistatic is available for purchase in increments of 1