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POST TH.PL 6G/a 0.15X525X459/100  ID: SUB1.C000.00002474


普士热敏印版6G/a 0.15X525X459/100
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Product Details

• 曝光速度快
• 曝光范围宽
• 能够在较宽范围内实现色调还原
• 较高的分辨率、图像精度、可靠性和可重复性
• 亲水亲墨性佳
• 着墨速度快

• High exposure speed
• Wide exposure latitude
• Good tonal reproduction over a wide range
• High resolution, image accuracy, reliability and repeatability
• Wide dampening latitude
• Fast ink rollup
POST TH.PL 6G/a 0.15X525X459/100 is available for purchase in increments of 1